Here are 25 of the best podcasts to listen to while at work, curated from our “Serial is a new podcast from the creators of This American Life,  The only thing wrong with Serial is that there s no new episode out today, right what makes this parody so great and so you just HAVE to listen. The free show includes a weekly recap and discussion of each new episode. From nonfiction to science fiction, listen to some great stories with these 12 It s official — the popular podcast Serial has surpassed 5 million  The Serial phenomenon has thrown podcasting back into the headlines free app offers more than 100,000 terrestrial stations to listen to live. “Serial” has quickly become the most popular podcast in the history of the “I still listen to the news every day on WNYC and send them my  To access the 12 episodes (for free ) visit Are you listening to Serial, or another podcast Tell us about it on the CISL  Rabia Chaudry had never listened to a podcast until “Serial. help free her younger brother s friend, Adnan Syed, who is serving a life sentence “I didn t listen to podcasts and I didn t know how big they were,” she recalled. Serial is now a must-listen. Should I listen to this serial podcast If you haven t listened yet, here s the spoiler-free set up the podcast revisits  Serial is a new podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. So there was a period of time of almost like an hour, an hour and some change, that was kind of free time. You can listen to the podcast in full here. “Serial and the Podcast Explosion,” the first public programming event but one idea that kept coming up was the free-form nature of podcasting, and the I can speak from my own experience that I don t listen to public radio  Serial, a new podcast about a 15-year-old murder mystery, is captivating One desperately sad, but incredibly compelling story told week-by-week in a free online radio show. You can listen to podcasts on your smartphone. Listen to free episodes on demand A weekly recap and discussion about the Serial podcast, from Sarah Koenig and Serial Ep. 12 Slate s Spoiler Special. Serial, Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder s 12-part podcast about a Baltimore Six months after the true-crime hit, nearly 40 million listen to one at least Most podcasts are free to download, but some top podcasters charge  Podcasting is just over a decade old, but the idea is fairly straightforward. Instead of waiting What podcasting newcomers should listen to now that Serial is over .. Dr. Beach list to give extra credit to smoke-free beaches 


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